Cyber Security Engineer

Job Description: Cyber Security Engineer
Overview: We’re seeking an adept Cyber Security Engineer to join our team and drive the design and implementation of robust security measures. Your role will involve swift response to breaches, ensuring the utmost data security. Collaboration on change management, security audits, and diligent reporting will be key aspects. Your meticulous attention to detail and effective problem-solving skills will play a pivotal role in maintaining our cyber defense.
  • Strategic Security Planning: Spearhead the development and execution of comprehensive security strategies that encompass proactive measures and incident response protocols.
  • Issue Identification and Resolution: Skillfully identify, meticulously analyze, and efficiently troubleshoot system errors, vulnerabilities, and network breaches.
  • Security Controls Implementation: Take charge of implementing and fine-tuning appropriate security controls to safeguard our critical technological infrastructure.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments to pinpoint system vulnerabilities, promptly addressing potential threats to maintain a secure environment. Manage and optimize firewalls for optimal protection against unauthorized access.
  • System Integration and Adaptation: Lead the seamless integration of systems while ensuring that security measures are upheld. Swiftly adapt to system changes, maintaining the highest level of security.
  • Incident Response and Defense Strategies: Rapidly respond to and mitigate system attacks, devising and deploying effective defense strategies to protect our digital assets.
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices: Champion the establishment of cybersecurity best practices across the organization. Maintain meticulous documentation of all cybersecurity procedures.
  • Technical Leadership: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, providing technical support, guidance, and expertise. Lead cybersecurity initiatives, lending your insights to drive the team’s success.
  • Educational Background and Experience: Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field. Demonstrate a substantial 5-6 years of hands-on experience as a Cyber Security Engineer, Network Administrator, or in a similar capacity.
  • Cybersecurity Toolbox Mastery: Exhibit an in-depth proficiency in utilizing cybersecurity tools such as Intruder, Bitdefender Total Security, LifeLock, and Malwarebytes. Thoroughly understand firewall and router maintenance, ensuring their optimal functionality.
  • Key Competencies: Thrive under pressure in a competitive environment. Excel in communication, facilitating effective collaboration and reporting. Leverage exceptional analytical and research skills to identify and address potential threats. Demonstrate adept problem-solving abilities in tackling cybersecurity challenges.
  • Personal Attributes: Bring strong technical prowess and an innate curiosity for staying abreast of evolving cybersecurity trends. Skillfully multitask and manage time efficiently. Embrace teamwork, exhibiting a self-driven, detail-oriented approach. Uphold impeccable work ethics, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.
Job Category: Cyber Security Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Work from Office

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